Youth Night Fri 23 Aug 'Jesus is good news for a rainbow world' with Ed Shaw

Dear Youth Leaders/Parents,

Ed Shaw is a same-sex attracted, single, celibate Christian minister from the UK. He has written a great book called ‘The Plausibility Problem: The Church and Same-Sex Attraction’, and contributes to a terrific website ( where same-sex attracted Christians like himself are able to share their stories. You can see Ed’s own story here.


At the Liberty youth event, Ed will be speaking about matters related to sex and sexuality under the title ‘Jesus is Great News for a Rainbow World!’. Ed’s talk will help teenagers think about same-sex attraction from a Christian point of view, as explained in the Bible and in the context of the hyper-sexualised world which they are expected to navigate. 


There will be testimonies from same-sex attracted Christians, and a text in question and answer time with Ed. There will also be a Bible reading and some great music.


Here is how we are presenting the event to the teens in our youth group:


Jesus loves us even more than we love ourselves. He’s more committed to our ultimate happiness than even we are. At the Jesus is good news for a rainbow world: Liberty Youth Event, we will discover how Jesus’ love and forgiveness helps us to better understand what he says about human sexuality and why trusting and following him, though not always easy, is definitely always worth it. Whether you are Christian or non-Christian, same-sex attracted or not, we’d love you to join us as we open the Bible and explore why Jesus truly is great news for our rainbow world. 


In today’s world, these issues are relevant to our tweens as well. They too are forced to navigate a minefield of overtly sexual messages – some of them explicit – every time they turn on the TV, iPad or computer, as well as through friends and classmates in the playground. In many ways, today’s twelve-year-old faces issues that were only raised in the mid-to-late teens for those born in the 70’s and 80’s. As such, the Liberty Youth is open for all young people from Year 7 to Year 12.   


That being said, not all teens have the same life-experience! As such, the intention of this letter has been to give you a little more clarity on what Ed will be addressing, so that you can decide if you think the content is appropriate for your child. We are also aware that some youth may find the idea of hearing about this at an event with other youth a little confronting – that’s ok too. 


Though we’d love to them to join us on the night, we do understand that there are a variety of reasons why you might decide it would be best for your teen to not attend – in which case we’ll look forward to seeing them at youth group again the following week. 


If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us.

Register below for all the Liberty Ed Shaw Events: the leaders conference, the evening for the whole church and the youth night. 

Creating a biblically

inclusive church

Tuesday 20th August 

9:30am - 4:00pm 

In an important day for ministry leaders Ed Shaw will help us see evangelical churches/ ministries as places where all can experience Jesus love and feel at home - especially those from sexual minority groups.

The day will also offer several elective streams focusing on a number of important and timely topics. 


Attend at Village Church, Annandale, Sydney or live stream for your staff team

Jesus is great news for a rainbow world

Friday 23rd August 

7:00 - 9:00pm 

At this youth event Ed Shaw will help us see why Jesus is the person to help us with our questions and confusion around our sexualities, identities and gender.  

Attend at St Paul's Anglican Carlingford or livestream to your youth group.

Click here to download a letter template which you might like to use to communicate with parents about your group's participation in the event.

Why we need Jesus help with our sexualities

(in conjunction with

The Centre for Christian Living)

Wednesday 21st August 

7:30 - 9:30pm 

Ed Shaw will help us see how Jesus is just the man we need to help us with the sexual confusion we are all experiencing.

Attend at Moore Theological College, Sydney or livestream with your bible study/growth group

Ed Shaw (pastor of Emmanuel City Centre, Bristol in the UK) experiences same-sex attraction and is committed to the biblical teaching of fidelity in heterosexual marriage and celibacy in singleness. He is one of the founders of and author of ‘The Plausibility Problem’.

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