Liberty & SSA Women

Hi. I’m Kristine. I work with Liberty. I’m a Christian. I’m a woman. I’m same-sex attracted (but I often abbreviate that to SSA… because it’s shorter to write and say).

If you’re a woman who also experiences SSA, I’d love for you to think about getting in touch with me. I think it could be good for all of us. Before I explain why, I want to acknowledge that women in the church who experience same-sex attraction come from a variety of experiences.

Some of you have known for a long time that you’re SSA, some are new to it, and some aren’t sure. You might self-identify as SSA, gay, bisexual, questioning, really confused, or something else. You’re in different places in your relationship with God. Some of you are married to a man, are divorced, separated or widowed; are dating a man, are dating a woman, have dated a woman. For some of you, no one knows you’re SSA, some people know, telling others was a good experience or an ugly experience. I could continue with possible elements to your story, but what I’m trying to communicate is that your experiences are varied, and I won’t assume your story.

So why do I want you to get in touch? Here are some answers to that, as well as other possible questions, concerns, or anxieties you might have about getting in touch.

Liberty longs to see churches and Christian communities across Sydney becomes places where sexual minorities will feel:  Unafraid to share their lives with their brothers and sisters in Christ and Loved and Supported in their journey of trusting and obeying Christ
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