Liberty’s ministry is critical in a time of unprecedented social pressure in the areas of human sexuality, gender, and identity. Those with same-sex attraction can feel isolated within the church and lacking the support needed to remain faithful to the Lord Jesus and growing in Him.


Liberty helps churches develop cultures that enable Christians with same-sex attraction to feel loved and supported along their journey of transformation into the image of Christ. Liberty also provides confidential pastoral support to Christians with same-sex attraction as well as to Christians with a same-sex attracted family member.

Liberty’s vision can only be realised as churches and individuals continue to faithfully support Liberty in prayer and in financial giving, and as new supporters are raised up by God’s mercy.

If you share our vision, we invite you to partner with Liberty in this vital gospel ministry through either one-off or regular giving.




Acct Name: Liberty Christian Ministries

BSB: 062 257

Acct Number: 10063361

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Liberty Christian Ministries, PO Box 394 Rozelle NSW 2039

Liberty longs to see churches and Christian communities across Sydney becomes places where sexual minorities will feel:  Unafraid to share their lives with their brothers and sisters in Christ and Loved and Supported in their journey of trusting and obeying Christ
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