Join us at our conference - Liberty 2020 - Lifelong Faithfulness at Village Church Annandale on August 29, 2020 or via Livestream. 

Our agenda will encourage those who seek to walk the path of holiness and faithfulness with Jesus, those wanting to support their friends, and will better equip ministry workers seeking to pastor to sexual minorities.

This half-day conference will be an intimate setting for Liberty’s small group members, parents, friends, and family and those who minister to them.

We have a range of tickets to suit your individual needs. 


Who should attend

Christians from sexual minorities 
At Liberty, we recognise that being human in a fallen world means being attracted to things that are contrary to human flourishing in God. During the conference, there will be practical advice on how best to persevere in faithfulness and obedience to Jesus. There’ll be an opportunity to connect with individuals currently enjoying Liberty’s pastoral care model of small group support. You’ll meet others walking this path. 

Pastors and ministry workers 
Ministry workers will be provided valuable insight into the experience of those who experience attraction to the same sex, thinking through best practices for ministry with sexual minorities, and exploring the challenges of mixed-orientation marriages. You will leave better equipped to encourage your parishioners to obedience and better understand how to build an environment of inclusiveness. 

Families and Friends Requiring Support
The lifelong path of faithfulness requires determination and discipline as well as support from caring Christian family and friends.  Family members of SSA children, partners and Christian friends will hear how best to support their loved ones. They will leave encouraged and refreshed. 


9:30  Registration opens

10am until 1:00pm
Plenary Talks from Liberty Ministry Workers (live-streamed)

Morning Tea

Choice of Elective Sessions - David Peterson on 1 Corinthians live-streamed

Plenary Q&A (live-streamed)

1:00pm Optional Lunch Chat

Bookings are now open, and due to Government restrictions, space is limited. To find out more about the talks and agenda for the day then follow this link.