A word from Liberty's chair

A couple of years ago at one of our conferences in question time I was asked what Liberty was doing for the straight wives of guys who are navigating same-sex attraction. And I didn't have an answer but I made a promise we would do something.

Well, we finally have. There's a group now meeting. And an area of fruit is that some of them will be sharing in one of our electives at the Lifelong Faithfulness conference held on August 29 online and at Village Church Annandale.
That will be a beneficial thing to attend if that's your story. But I asked, 'Would it be OK if I went - to learn how to better pastor to women and men in that situation?' I was told that would be fine, I would be welcome. This elective won't be recorded or available online later.

Other elective options

That's one of the electives on Saturday morning. There's another one where parents of same-sex attracted children tell their stories.
And another in which two people talk about how to flourish in Jesus walking a life of celibacy. These two are extending beyond what survival looks like but what it is to thrive and flourish.
Plus New Testament scholar David Peterson on Paul as a pastor reflecting on the detail of the sexuality passages in 1 Corinthians.
Usually, I don't like going to conferences on Saturdays but this is going to be really worth your time. And so I hope you can juggle your week around to be part of it. Because of the COVID restrictions, there's a cap on the number of people who can attend in person.



So I do hope you can join us either in person or online for Lifelong Faithfulness on Saturday morning, August 29. 
Dominic Steele