Our hard-working ministry team travel around Australia visiting small groups, churches, parachurch groups and theological colleges to encourage the inclusion and pastoral care of sexual minorities in the church and awareness of biblical, theological and cultural issues affecting christians today.


Here are some examples of talks you can arrange at your gathering, or contact the office and we can tailor something to meet your specific needs.

Training module: Building a More Biblically-Inclusive Environment

Synopsis: Engaging with staff teams, church leaders, theological students on 

  • Nuancing pastoral care, teaching, church culture, inclusivity, boundaries in regards to those in the church who wrestle with sexuality and Gender Identity. 

  • Practical Theological issues of affirming theology, holiness and sanctification for people with SSA, current debate on concupiscence, sin, identity and love.   

  • Current cultural issues on sexuality and LGBTQI+. 



Providing Adult and Youth expository sermons, seminars and training on 

  • Sexuality in Today's World and Biblical Sexuality 

  • Engaging with the Other - Christians and LGBTQI+ friends

  • Singleness, Sexuality and Service 

  • Lust, Pornography and Desire 

  • What if my friend comes out? Care, friendship and love for our brothers and sisters with SSA 

Small Groups 

  • testimonies Christians with SSA, Parents of children with SSA or in the LGBTI community 

  • Q&A around issues on sexuality 

  • how to mutually care for one another. 

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