Training Seminars

We offer training seminars for your staff team, ministry leaders, and congregation members.

These seminars are designed to help those in ministry be equipped to provide appropriate pastoral support to Christians who either experience same-sex attraction or have a family member who does. These seminars are also suitable for anyone wanting to be better equipped to serve those who struggle in this area.

‘The training helped me better understand the Bible’s teaching on same-sex attraction, and I feel better equipped to pastorally care for people struggling with it. I am no longer afraid to raise the topic, which is a real issue in our churches.’ Church minister, Sydney.
‘The 6 hours of seminars were very beneficial to me being same-sex attracted. In the past I had been in the dark; I came from a culture which does not talk about such issues. It is good that Liberty offers the opportunity to talk and discuss these things in a loving and accepting way, in particular, what God has to say on the matter, and where I stand as a Christian. It was very good’. Seminar participant.


These seminars will help your staff team or ministry leaders to be:

  1. informed about same-sex attraction
  2. more confident in the traditional understanding of the biblical texts
  3. aware of how a church can be safe for sexual minorities
  4. better able to provide appropriate pastoral care
  5. equipped to understand and relate to revisionist/affirming theology Christians

We offer 1 session, 2 session or 3 session courses. Costs include all materials and handouts for participants.

  • The 1 session course runs for just over 2 hrs with a 10 min break in the middle and a very short time for questions. This can run either on a week night or a Sunday afternoon. Total cost: $200. Unfortunately it is not possible to explore the biblical material in this course.
  • The 2 session course consist of two 2 hr seminars with a 10 min break in the middle and time for questions. This can run either over two weeks on a week night or less ideally the whole course can be taken on a Saturday. Total cost: $350. Please note that topics 1 and 2, understanding same-sex attraction and looking at the biblical texts, will be dealt with in one session.
  • The 3 session course consists of three 2 hr seminars with a 10 min break in the middle and ample time for questions. Held over three weeks on a week night. Total cost: $500.
‘Allan helped us to think afresh about homosexuality and ministry to people with same-sex attraction. The seminars are well worth the investment.’ Church minister, Sydney.


Please note that costs are fixed irrespective of the number of participants. Costs above are not per person but represent the total cost to the person, church, or organisation making the booking. Seminars conducted outside of  Sydney will attract an additional charge. Books and other resources are available for sale at all sessions.

For further information about these courses or to book a course please contact us.