Singled Out: Why celibacy must be reinvented in Today’s Church

singled-outFrom the back:

‘Christine Colón and Bonnie Field thought that by a certain age they would each be married. But they watched that age come and go – and still no walk down the aisle. In Singled Out, they reflect on their experience and that of an increasing number of Christians. From the secular world and the evangelical church, singles are bombarded with negative images of celibacy. Here, Colón and Field explore a deeper understanding of celibacy that affirms singles’ decision to be sexually pure, acknowledges their struggles, and recognizes their importance in the church community.’

Here is the contents:

Introduction: Our Journey
Part 1: Navigating Our Path
1. Repression & Neuroses: Negative Secular Views of Celibacy
2. Power & Freedom: Positive Secular Views of Celibacy
3. Chastity & Holiness: Positive Christian Views of Celibacy
4. Sin & Selfishness: Negative Christian Views of Celibacy
Part 2: Encountering Dangerous Messages along the Way
5. Lust & Avoidance: Dangerous Messages about Sexual Temptation
6. Happiness & Maturity: Dangerous Messages about Sex and Marriage
Part 3: Searching for a New Direction
7. Covenant & Inclusion: Views of Celibacy in Scripture
8. Monks & Martyrs: Views of Celibacy in the Church’s Past
9. Discipline & Community: Views of Celibacy in Contemporary Christian Thought
Afterword: Where Do We Go from Here?