Loving like Jesus dinner

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Archbishop Glenn Davies

March 1, 2017

We’re praising God for the wonderful response to our Loving Like Jesus dinner with Archbishop Glenn Davies. 

The evening was hosted by new Liberty Chair Dominic Steele and featured a focus interview with Liberty Pastoral worker Allan Starr and testimonies from a number of people who are benefiting from Liberty’s ministry. 

Dr Davies, speaking at the dinner, challenged Christian churches to better love those of us who experience same-sex attraction. He asked those present, “What characterises your congregation? Is it love?”

The Archbishop drew people’s attention to Jesus’ encounter with the rich young ruler, from Mark 10:17-21, and highlighted the words “Jesus…loved him…” (v.21).

Archbishop Davies reminded the audience of how Jesus loved, noting there was the ‘disciple whom Jesus loved’ (John 13:23, 19:26, 20:2), and that he loved Martha, her sister Mary and their brother Lazarus (John 11:5) with a love that was clearly non sexual.

The Archbishop called on those present to love like Jesus.

He noted that single people are alone much of the time and churches need to find ways of better loving, so that all, including same-sex attracted people, will have a new family, characterised by love.

Dr Davies praised Liberty’s Ministry to the same sex attracted, noting that it is ‘all about love,’ and encouraged people to speak openly about their struggles with someone who they can trust.

He commended the work of Liberty, saying it is a work of God, in:

  • Helping individuals to seek their identity in Christ and helping them deal with temptation
  • Encouraging same-sex attracted individuals to find someone to personally support them in their journey, and
  • Educating our churches on how to better pastorally care for people by becoming ‘safe places’ for them to speak openly about their struggles.
He recommended UK minister Ed Shaw’s book ‘The Plausibility Problem’, where Shaw writes from personal experience on growing up same sex attracted and then becoming publicly open about hisDSC_0599 (1) journey.

The Archbishop was critical of the growing practice of ‘twisting the scriptures’ to approve of same sex activity.

He said while we all have varying weaknesses and temptations, sin is when one allows temptation to take root. He also noted that God sees all sins as inappropriate, not just sexual sins.

He observed that whilst same-sex attraction is a temptation for many, it is important to realise that our identity is in Christ, not our sexual temptations.