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Same-sex attraction ministries (Australia)

Liberty Inc. (Brisbane)

Brisbane-based ministry to those struggling with various forms of sexual brokeness. (NB: Liberty Inc. is not directly affiliated with Liberty Christian Ministries Inc.)

Living Hope South Australia

Adelaide based ministry offering pastoral support to Christians with same-sex attraction and Christians with LGBTI family members, and providing support and resources to churches seeking to grow in pastoral care.

‘Transparent’ Blog

An examination of the human need to be exposed, recognised and understood. I want to consider with you the ways in which people are vulnerable, the ways in which they respond with openness and honesty (or not), and the effects that that has on individuals and communities.‘ A sexual minority Australian Christian has started a new blog.

Sanctuary International

Support for women with same-sex attraction or emotional dependency

Exodus Asia-Pacific

An umbrella organisation for affiliated ministries in Australia and its near neighbours.

Renew Ministries

‘Help for those who want to walk in God’s ways and in freedom’. Renew Ministries has a network of ministries and churches who provide support for those affected by same sex attraction.


Courage is a movement for those with same-sex attraction who desire to live chaste lives in accordance with the Catholic church’s teachings. EnCourage is a ministry dedicated to the spiritual needs of Catholics who have a family member with same-sex attractions.

Same-sex attraction ministries (International)

Sexual Identity Institute

‘The mission of the Institute for Study of Sexual Identity (ISSI) is to further our understanding of sexual identity, its development and synthesis, and to be a resource to those who are stakeholders in these discussions. We do this through research, training, and clinical services/consultations.’ ISSI is in the USA.

Dr Mark Yarhouse website

The website of Dr Mark Yarhouse: ‘Psychology and Christianity’. A range of excellent articles.

True Freedom Trust

Britain’s largest ministry to men and women with same-sex attractions and sexual and relational brokeness.

Testimonies of Christians with same-sex attraction and other resources


An excellent resource of blogs and articles relating specifically to the necessity of strong friendships for the same-sex attracted Christian. Editors: Wesley Hill & Ron Belgau

Counselling Resources

Christian Counselling Association of Australia

To find a Christian counsellor


Covenant Eyes Accountability Software

A tool to help keep your eyes pure from online porn (Job 31:1)

Code of conduct for Liberty Christian Ministries Inc

Safe Ministries code of professional conduct


Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family is a global Christian ministry dedicated to helping families thrive.

Disable private browsing– Incognitogone

‘Incognitogone’ is an easy and permanent tool to remove private browsing capability from your computer! Great for the whole family.

Information on the ‘Safe Schools’ program

For parents who want to know more about the ‘Safe Schools Coalition’ program

Theology of Sexuality

David G Peterson

Theology of sexuality by Moore Theological College professor