Meet Dr Mark Yarhouse | Presenter at Liberty’s Sep 2016 Identity Conference

Sexual and gender identity issues from a Christian pastoral perspective – Dr Mark Yarhouse Interview from Moore College on Vimeo.

Dr Mark Yarhouse directs the Institute for the Study of Sexual Identity and is Professor of Psychology at Regent University, Virginia, United States. Author of many books including Homosexuality and the Christian, a guide for parents, pastors and friends (2010), Understanding Sexual Identity, a resource for youth ministry (2013), and Understanding Gender Dysphoria (2015).

See Dr Yarhouse’s personal website where he explores the  integration of psychology and Christianity.

In September 2016 Dr Yarhouse was in Sydney to speak at two conferences on  sexual and gender identity issues from a pastoral Christian perspective.

Dr Yarhouse helped us navigate the complex world of same-sex attraction and transgender realities, based solidly on a biblical framework, and drawing on his considerable expertise in psychology and counselling.

Dr Yarhouse gave three talks at the conference.

  • Sexual Identity: Laying a Foundation for Better Engagement
  • Positioning the Church to Provide Pastoral Care to LGBT Persons
  • Transgender Persons, Pastoral Care & Counsel

Rev Dr David Peterson, Liberty Chairman, presented the opening talk at the conference.