Wesley Hill’s Sydney visit

What a blessing Wesley’s visit to Sydney was! God was very gracious and provided wonderfully with safe and timely travel, a good mix of events throughout the week which still left a bit of time for rest and site-seeing, and around 200 people in total across both conference days. Whilst in Sydney Wesley was interviewed at St Thomas North Sydney 5 pm service, visited Moore college on the Monday and spoke to the students (watch video) and was interviewed by Archie Poulos (watch video), was interviewed at the Centre for Public Christianity (watch first video, watch second video) and had dinner with the Liberty committee on the Tuesday, spoke at the Liberty conference on the Wednesday, visited the United Theological College on the Thursday and addressed students and young people at St Barnabas Broadway in the evening (watch video), had a day off on Friday (well deserved!), and spoke at the second Liberty conference on the Saturday and was then interviewed by Dominic Steele (watch video) .

Click here for Liberty 2015 Conference: Talks and Q&A’s. 

Wesley’s report on his visit to Sydney

Wesley has written a great piece on his recent visit to Australia, full of pastoral application and food for further thought, especially for those in ministry.  http://spiritualfriendship.org/2015/03/19/travelogue-from-oz/#more-5109

Centre for Public Christianity

Whilst in Sydney Wesley was interviewed at the studios of the Centre for Public Christianity.


Moore College

While in Australia recently as part of his visit with us Wesley Hill visited Moore College and these videos were recorded.

The Gospel and Same-Sex Attraction: Pastoral Questions that Same-Sex Attracted People Ask – Dr Wesley Hill lecture & Q&A from Moore College on Vimeo.

The Gospel and Same-Sex Attraction: living in hope, living in love – Dr Wesley Hill interview from Moore College on Vimeo.

St Barnabas Broadway

On Thursday March 12 Dr Wesley Hill spoke at Barneys on same-sex attraction and the gospel.

Interview with Dominic Steele

Wesley spoke with Dominic Steele, Senior Minister at the Village Church, about his own journey and in particular, what he meant by the terms ‘washed and waiting’.