Allan Starr

Our pastoral worker Allan is available to visit your church to speak on the following topics or provide training. Allan also speaks to Christian university student groups and youth groups.

  • What Liberty does and why it is so important
  • Understanding same-sex attraction
  • Becoming a ‘sexual-minority [LGBTI] friendly’ church
  • Caring for Christians who have same-sex attraction or a same-sex attracted family member
  • Human identity in the Bible and in the world
  • A biblical overview of marriage and sexuality
  • Responding to the revisionist (‘gay theology’) viewpoint
  • A Christian response to the call for gay marriage

Customised talks or training events combining any of the above topics can also be provided by arrangement.

‘Having Allan speak on same-sex attraction was very beneficial for our church. His talk equipped us to view this issue biblically and showed us practical ways to foster a church culture which effectively ministers to those with same-sex attraction. Our church very much came away with greater courage and compassion to love, serve and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the LGBT community.’  Michael Nhieu, Pastor, Chapel Hill Rozelle


Mark, a same-sex attracted Christian who is an active, long serving member in his local church in Sydney, is available to come with Allan. He offers a customised interview or an interactive question and answer session. He has increasingly come out to his brothers and sisters in recent times.

In his presentations he shares some lessons for the church on how those of us who don’t have same-sex attraction can better care for those of us in the churches who do. He discusses his faith in Christ, the experience of being open about his homosexuality, and how to love and care for LGBTI people both within and outside the church. He also explains Liberty’s role and ministry in his life.

‘Having Allan and Mark both speak was ideal. Allan gave us a clear theological framework, but then having Mark speak as a Christian brother about his own struggles with same-sex attraction made it real and immediate for our church. Until then, I think many had managed to live as if same-sex attraction wasn’t an issue for real Christians, so meeting a ‘celibate, gay Christian’ was paradigm-shifting. Mark’s honesty and openness in question time left no-one unmoved. As a church, we’ve now started including same-sex attracted people in our discourse from the front, knowing they are not ‘hypothetical people out there’, but brothers and sisters we can now better picture and understand’. Church minister, Sydney
Talks for youth:
  • A Christian response to gay marriage
  • Understanding same-sex attraction
  • What does the Bible say about sex?
  • A Christian view of self-identity
Liberty also offers pastoral support and advice to ministers and ministry leaders.
For inquiries email us or call us on 9818 8111.