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At last: a book for teens! ‘Living in a gray world’ by Preston Sprinkle

At last! A book written for Christian teens on the subject of homosexuality, including a chapter specifically for those who experience same-sex attraction themselves. Designed for ages 15-22. Here is the summary off the back: ‘Homosexuality has become one of the most talked about topics in the world. But the way you as a Christian

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Guide for university ministry by Mark Yarhouse

In this short (19 pgs) book, Mark and other experts write specifically for chaplains at Christian universities in the United States. However, what he writes is just as relevant for Christian staff workers – at universities or TAFE campuses here in Australia – who often find themselves ministering to Christian young adults with sexual identity

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Vital info when ministering to sexual minority youth

Sexual minority youth, including those experiencing same-sex attraction, experience greater difficulties than their opposite-sex attracted friends. Threats and verbal abuse, physical assault, self-harm and substance abuse are unfortunately all too common. This helpful article provides some sobering statistics, which is vital information for anyone in ministry seeking to minister to youth who are struggling with

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The impact of labels on teens

“Labeling someone puts us at risk of ignoring the multitude of variables that play a part in sexual identity development. Sexual behavior and experiences, sexual attractions and how to make sense of them, and sexual identity labels and their meaning are distinct and they all matter. To base identity solely on current strength of attractions,

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