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New edition of ‘Washed and Waiting’

Six years after ‘Washed and Waiting’ forever changed the landscape of Christian thinking on homosexuality, Wesley Hill has revised his classic work, ‘updated and expanded’, including a 24 page ‘Afterword’ at the end. The publisher writes: This updated and expanded edition of the original book includes an additional chapter that continues Wesley’s story and further reflections

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new ed shaw

Same-sex attraction and the church: the surprising plausibility of the celibate life

This is simply a repackaged ‘The plausibility problem’. Same book, but different title and cover. I think I can see why the changes. The old title was essentially negative (The plausibility problem), whereas the new title is wonderfully positive, (The surprising plausibility of the celibate life) complete with a beautiful sunset (or sunrise?) photo. Whichever

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Redeeming Singleness: How the Storyline of Scripture Affirms the Single Life – By Barry Danylak, Foreword by John Piper

Though marriage is highly esteemed throughout Scripture, the Bible also affirms singleness as an important calling for some Christians. Redeeming Singleness expounds a theology of singleness that shows how the blessings of the covenant are now directly mediated to believers through Christ. Redeeming Singleness offers an in-depth examination of the redemptive history from which biblical singleness emerges. Danylak

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the single issue

The singleness issue – Al Hsu

Nearly half today’s adult population is unmarried. Most churches, however, emphasize marriage and family in a way that leaves many Christian singles feeling like second-class citizens. Although Jesus himself was single, the single state is often regarded as a problem in itself (rather than as having problems, as marriage does). By contrast, ‘The Single Issue’

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