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New edition of ‘Washed and Waiting’

Six years after ‘Washed and Waiting’ forever changed the landscape of Christian thinking on homosexuality, Wesley Hill has revised his classic work, ‘updated and expanded’, including a 24 page ‘Afterword’ at the end. The publisher writes: This updated and expanded edition of the original book includes an additional chapter that continues Wesley’s story and further reflections

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new ed shaw

Same-sex attraction and the church: the surprising plausibility of the celibate life

This is simply a repackaged ‘The plausibility problem’. Same book, but different title and cover. I think I can see why the changes. The old title was essentially negative (The plausibility problem), whereas the new title is wonderfully positive, (The surprising plausibility of the celibate life) complete with a beautiful sunset (or sunrise?) photo. Whichever

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What Some of You Were – Christopher Keane (ed.)

This book is a bold and timely commentary on homosexuality for a distinctly Australian perspective. It combines open, honest and at times moving personal stories of those who grapple with homosexuality (their own or that of people close to them). Personal testimonies are supplemented with appendices providing medical, social and theological perspectives on the issue,

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