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At last: a book for teens! ‘Living in a gray world’ by Preston Sprinkle

At last! A book written for Christian teens on the subject of homosexuality, including a chapter specifically for those who experience same-sex attraction themselves. Designed for ages 15-22. Here is the summary off the back: ‘Homosexuality has become one of the most talked about topics in the world. But the way you as a Christian

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Book for spouses from Mark Yarhouse

In this short (29 pg) book written for spouses, Mark and other experts provide a short, simple and practical resource for the person whose spouse experiences same-sex attraction. Written from a Christian perspective but written for a person of any, or no faith, this book is not only a great resource for the Christian but

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What Some of You Were – Christopher Keane (ed.)

This book is a bold and timely commentary on homosexuality for a distinctly Australian perspective. It combines open, honest and at times moving personal stories of those who grapple with homosexuality (their own or that of people close to them). Personal testimonies are supplemented with appendices providing medical, social and theological perspectives on the issue,

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