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love is an orientation

Love is an orientation

Andrew Marin’s life changed forever when his three best friends came out to him in three consecutive months. Suddenly he was confronted with the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community (GLBT) firsthand. And he was compelled to understand how he could reconcile his friends to his faith. In an attempt to answer that question, he

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hope for the same sex attracted

Hope for the same-sex attracted

As Christians seek to be biblically faithful on the issue of homosexuality, two fundamental questions come to mind: How can a person with same-sex attraction faithfully follow Jesus in his or her sexuality? And how can we support and encourage them in this? With compassion and wisdom–on a topic rife with misunderstanding and hurt–author and pastor

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faith in a time of crisis

Faith in a time of crisis

Faith in a time of crisis (2017) – Vaughan Roberts & Peter Jensen This new book from Matthias Media, has 5 chapters, the first four by well known same-sex attracted UK evangelical Vaughan Roberts, and the fifth by former Sydney Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen. The book explores the current crisis in world Anglicanism over the

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us versus us

Us Versus Us

In ‘Us versus us’ [2016], Andrew Marin has furnished the church with a compendium of thought provoking data on the religious experiences of the LGBT community. From the back; ‘Surprisingly, 86 percent of LGBT people spent their childhood in church. More than half left their religious communities as adults; three out of four would be

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New edition of ‘Washed and Waiting’

Six years after ‘Washed and Waiting’ forever changed the landscape of Christian thinking on homosexuality, Wesley Hill has revised his classic work, ‘updated and expanded’, including a 24 page ‘Afterword’ at the end. The publisher writes: This updated and expanded edition of the original book includes an additional chapter that continues Wesley’s story and further reflections

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People to be loved

Preston Sprinkle, author of ‘Living in a gray world’, a book for teens on homosexuality, has also produced a book on homosexuality for adults. Here is the review off the back: ‘Homosexuality. A topic that for many years was suppressed in church settings is now being discussed at length from the pulpit, in coffee shops,

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At last: a book for teens! ‘Living in a gray world’ by Preston Sprinkle

At last! A book written for Christian teens on the subject of homosexuality, including a chapter specifically for those who experience same-sex attraction themselves. Designed for ages 15-22. Here is the summary off the back: ‘Homosexuality has become one of the most talked about topics in the world. But the way you as a Christian

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dwelling in the land

Dwelling in the land: new book from Jeanette Howard

Some gay Christians have sought healing. Others have turned away from a conservative interpretation of the biblical texts. Others have remained celibate and invested their lives in Christian service. All have found that their sexual orientation has strongly influenced who they perceive themselves to be, and how others perceive them. Jeanette believes that to identify

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