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C.S.Lewis on homosexuality

Lewis responds to a letter he received asking about homosexuality: “First, to map out the boundaries within which all discussion must go on, I take it for certain that the physical satisfaction of homosexual desires is sin. This leaves the homosexual no worse off that any normal person who is, for whatever reason, prevented from marrying.

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The PARE model for mixed orientation couples

The PARE model is a useful tool for counsellors who see married couples where one of the spouses experiences same-sex attraction (a mixed orientation couple). The four stages are: Provide sexual identity therapy, Address interpersonal trauma, foster Resilience through marriage counselling, Enhance sexual intimacy. Read the full article below.

Institute for the Study of Sexual Identity

Dr Mark Yarhouse is well known amongst those who are looking for good resources in the area of same-sex attraction, either for themselves or to recommend to others. His previous book, ‘Homosexuality and the Christian – A guide for parents, pastors and friends’ (Bethany House, 2010) has almost become the standard work on the subject, and

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