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For Churches

Liberty’s passion is to equip churches to develop cultures that enable Christians with same-sex attraction to feel loved and supported as they persevere in their journey of transformation into the image of Christ.

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For Individuals

If you experience same-sex attraction and are struggling in your Christian walk, Liberty is here to provide you with confidential pastoral support. Liberty also runs a support group for Christian men with same-sex attraction.

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For Family and Friends

Do you have a family member or friend who experiences same-sex attraction or transgender issues? Would you like resources and help? Liberty runs support groups, and also offers you confidential pastoral support.

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Liberty 2016 Conferences

Wednesday 7th Saturday & 10th September

‘Sexuality, gender, and identity in Christ’.

mark yarhouse recent

Dr Mark Yarhouse

Director of Institute for the Study of Sexual Identity, & Professor of Psychology at Regent University, Virginia

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Liberty’s Vision

Liberty longs to see churches and Christian communities across Sydney become places where:

Sexual minorities will feel:

  1. unafraid to share their struggle with their brothers and sisters in Christ
  2. loved and supported in their journey of trusting and obeying Christ

And where all of Christ’s people:

  1. are committed to the traditional understanding of biblical sexual boundaries
  2. can withstand the challenges of our day with conviction and grace